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*2005.9.2 The price of RIKIO SHIMEBUTO12KOHAZE is corrected from 1680 to 1837 yen.

*2005.6.9 RIKIOJITSUYOU12KOHAZE of the tabi 1 was changed to 5KOHAZE.
Five pairs of 12KOHAZEs were ordered in the unit.

*2005.5.9 Shopping basket system introduction.

*5% of taxes is revised to the price of a lump.

*2003.8.25 PAYPAL is added to the payment method.

*2000.8.4 addition JIKATABI New product.

*1999.10.28 I update new discontinuance of making color and size of 1409,1190 series.

*1999.8.28 English page addition.

*1999.8.9 I cut one part of the vest price

*1999.3.9 It is new product two addition to tabi

*1998.9.23 A little improvement

*1998.9.22 addition What' new , LINK

*1998.8.27 addition TORAICHI-SHICHIBU etc.

*1998.8.25 Homepage start

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