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A policy

I forward merchandise, after I do confirmation with mail to the order of a customer, without fail.

Please bear the carriage of sending back at returned goods by customer's convenience. Moreover, when it has already been received money, I will repay the amount of money in which the transfer commission is subtracted.

Please acknowledge not returning goods when there is no incompleteness in our shop in "Order merchandise from a factory".

Mail address is tobiya@opal.famille.ne.jp

A telephone
Fax Communication

Murai clothing store telephone Number is +81-178-22-8503

However, I am not able to speak English. Therefore, I request a question with e-mail.
Please enter it without forgetting a product name/size color/the quantity, when you order with mail.
Needless to say, it is without forgetting even your name/address/phone number.
I welcome even only question mail.
When You use the cart system it may be convenient.
Sending method and the payment method

However, there are some conditions.
A case except Japan.
After the bank account receipt of money confirmation.
I send it out with EMS(international express mail).

*When you havethe account to PAYPAL.
I am able to confirm your receipt of money immediately.

You pay 3.9% of commission is added.

I recommend the payment in PAYPAL.

*When you pay it to the bank

You pay bank fee 1500 yen and charges for remittance of 2500 yen.
And, I require the period on 4 to 5 days until it reaches my account .

1500 yen becomes cheap when you transfer in Japanese yen.
2500 yen becomes cheap when you transfer from the branch of overseas AOMORI-BANK.

Bank transfer point Aomori bank, MIKKAMACHI branch, ordinary Deposit
Account number 210324 MURAI TOSHINORI
Money sent by registered mail destination 031-0036 Daikumachi25,hachinoheshi,Aomori,Japan
Aomori bank ADDRESS
2, Mikkamachi, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-0032
Telephone: +81-178-22-7291

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