Scrap an old navy

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Last Time of Old Ship

The city council of Chiba decided to scrap an old ship. That ship was used a public hall of Chiba city, but she is a last survivor the WW2 of IJN warship.

She was "Ukuru" type Escort ship, and named "Shiga". And she was renamede "Kojima" as Patrol Vessel of the Japanese Marine Safty Agency. She was decommissioned at 1965, and preserved by Chiba city as a public hall.

But The council decided to scrap her, and They say about that reson "The structure is superannuated" .

But! But, I think she is one of most memorial ship of Japan. And she shuld be preserved for ever, because we can learn from her histry always.

I heard many honorary ships are preserved at Europe and Amerika, and I respect for their spirit.In Japan, some people are campaigning for the demand to stop scrapping her, but it is bare possibility that Their demand realize.

If you take pity on her fate, you tell your thought to Chiba city .

I hope there is many people that agree to preservation of Japanese old ship in the world.

Photographs of "Kojima"/"Shiga"

uPORTHOLE(Phots of Ships)v@

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