■ The Museum of Haiku Literature ■


The Museum of Haiku Literature has the world's only library devoted exclusively to collecting and preserving haiku works for future generations. Our collection covers the period of all modern haiku since Masaoka Shiki, and includes a wide selection of magazines and anthologies, reference works, seasonal word dictionaries, and many other publications and acquisitions.

The Museum of Haiku Literature is a study center with modern, well-lighted reading rooms.

It is a support center providing title searches and photocopying services for poets and researchers throughout Japan.

And it is a learning center for haiku enthusiasts from every walk of life. We offer programs ranging from introductory lectures on haiku to exhibitions of tanzaku and shikishi.

The Museum is a meeting place for poets. Rooms are available for haiku seminars and study sessions, book signing parties, ongoing group meetings, and various other events.

The Museum of Haiku Literature is also an international center for cultural exchange among those throughout the world who have come to love and appreciate haiku poetry.


Please feel free to visit us.
The Museum of Haiku Literature is here for you.